We come to ASC from many different places. Many of us are seeking to build friendships and relationships with one another. It is our genuine hope that relationships would develop and deepen. We want to encourage folks to come together as we seek to learn how to follow Jesus, and to serve each other and our neighbors. Our prayer is that in doing so, we would enjoy God's goodness, our neighborhoods, and our city. During the week we “scatter” in groups that meet across the city to grow in friendship and as disciples of Jesus. We call these Villages at A Seattle Church.


What to expect

Our ASC Villages consist of 4-30 people who meet in a monthly rhythm of partying, pursuing, and partnering together.

Party: At least once a month, our villages meet for 2 hours or so to celebrate life together. This is a great time to get involved or invite neighbors. learn about God, pray, eat, laugh, and live/share life together. All are welcome and invited!

Pursue: 1-2 times a month our villages break in to smaller groups for going deeper in discussion. Each village will do this in its own way, but our hope is to be together while going deeper in our relationships with God and each other through more focused conversations on God and our lives. Some villages come together as a whole and then break in to smaller groups in the same locale. Others have a moms night and then a dads night on alternating weeks. Some meet in different locales in smaller huddles. Our hope is that this will be intentional space for deeper bonding with each other and God.

Partner: Once a month, each village comes together on a Sunday morning to help serve our neighbors well. We help wherever needs are in our community gathering, and have a great time building friendship through helping others.

How Can I Get Involved

We have a village designed for young professionals, another for families, and another for college students. We also have a couple woman’s IF tables gathering throughout the city. Furthermore, villages meet in different parts of the city with one in downtown Seattle and another in North Seattle. If you’re interested in joining, hosting and/or leading a village, you can fill out the form below to get connected!

We think you are going to love being a part of this amazing part of our life together!

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