Partnership at A Seattle Church is a commitment to live out of our identity and calling as the lead disciples, missionaries, and servants of our church. Partners are the saints of God who do the work of ministry, and partnership is a commitment to missional living with the local body of believers. We call these men and women “partners” rather than “members,” because we think this word more clearly describes the heart of the New Testament (Ephesians 4:11-14). It is both an invitation and a commitment to fully pursue the joy of oneness with Jesus and the abundant life He promises to us together, for our city and for the nations. Our Pastors and Leadership Team call our partners to a higher level of accountability, service, and sacrifice than mere attenders. We ask a lot of our partners, because we believe that God is using them as our church to do amazing things for His Kingdom in our city (and world). As partners, we will commission you in to specific roles as we agree together in the Spirit about the undertaking of those responsibilities for the glory of God and loving benefit of others. 

Are you interested in becoming a Partner at ASC? We have several partnership classes throughout the year, so if you're interested in joining a class, please use the form below to sign up and you will receive more information about the next class and how to begin taking steps towards partnership!

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