A 40 Day journey to new life as A Seattle Church moves to The Collective


Helpful answers to your questions about the journey ahead. Any other questions, email Grace Varland


March 31st

  • 10AM: First Sunday @ Collective Seattle

  • Volunteers show up at 8AM to huddle and help with launching our first gathering/preparing to welcome guests

April 21st:

  • 40 Day HERE // NOW journey ends as we celebrate Easter Sunday with our neighbors!


Go to to sign up for the 3 main ways you can help!


New Service Time?

  • Yep! We will now meet at 10AM in this next season. We are excited for this as we believe it will be more accessible for people of all age groups and spaces. For our friends who follow Jesus and those who do not yet.

  • It will also give us ample time for set-up and tear-down each week. We are excited for this as we want to be a well-prepared and welcoming presence to all our guests each week.

Bringing Friends?

  • YES! ABSOLUTELY! Please do. This space is incredibly welcoming, inviting, and familiar to the everyday lives of our neighbors. It is designed for invitation. Don’t miss out on bringing friends and family and neighbors with you to ASC...or inviting them to grab coffee with you there throughout the week.

Where is the Collective located?

  • It is located 2 blocks north of our gathering location at 400 Dexter Ave N.

When do we have the space? What Parts?

  • Every Sunday from 8AM - 3PM.

  • We will be gathering in the south end space of the Collective, where we hosted the Coat Lunch. This space is called High Tide.

  • We will also have second floor access for our kids ministry.


  • Improved Parking underneath the building. We are working with Standard Parking on getting a discounted rate per car, that we hope to cover as a church. More to come on this!

  • You can find this parking entrance behind the building by turning on to 8th Ave N between Republican and Harrison street.

  • We will still have our other parking access near church if needed. These lots are the one in Denny Park and the Wilamette Dental lot on Dexter Ave N and John St.


  • The landlords of 400 Dexter Ave N provide a 24/7 hired security person who is always present. They sit in the main lobby and will also make sure all emergency protocols are followed (if necessary), occasionally making rounds to check the security of the space.


  • Thanks to our generous friends at Evoke Coffee, we will continue to enjoy delicious Heart Coffee drip every Sunday.

ADA Accessibility?

  • This space is ADA compliant and has elevator access that is at even grade with the sidewalks outside.

Are we becoming a mobile church?

  • Kinda, but not really. We will be more present in the space throughout the week than we ever have been before at DPLC as folks gather with friends and co-work within the Collective.

**Likewise, our friends at the Collective will let us use amazing amenities like: **

  • AV/Tech Equipment in each space we gather.

  • 125 chairs and all furniture seating they have in the space.

  • 2 Storage spaces in Garage to keep things we’d use on Sunday.

  • Rolling Tables for use in the lobby (connect and coffee, etc).

  • Generous use of much much more!

Increased Costs?

  • This move will not cost us a ton more for rent. Yet, our regular costs as a church will increase from month-to-month, as well as additional costs accrued as we increase our reach as a ministry in Seattle and to the ends-of-the-earth. We’d love your help in this, and trust God to provide for work He is calling us to!

  • We are asking folks who are not currently giving to consider starting with at least a $100 a month gift (or whatever they can prayerfully do that is less or more). Our aim is to raise an additional $30,000 over and above our normal giving in the next 40 Days.

  • The 25 new memberships at the Collective come with our rent of the new space. Any memberships beyond that amount are out of pocket for ASC folks to get on their own. They are working generously with us on this, so please ask an ASC team member to explain how!

Support from Collective?

  • We will pay for a Collective staff person to be available for any of our spatial needs/to help us steward the space as well as possible.

This is a nice spot...will my friends in need feel welcome?

  • After welcoming in over 250 currently houseless guests during last month’s coat drive, we absolutely believe they will feel even more loved and welcome in to the space! In fact, we wouldn’t have made this move if they wouldn’t have.

**What about our gathering? **

  • Will we still do communion most weeks? You betcha! Will a ton change in our gatherings...not likely. We believe in how we gather together and want to merely enhance our time shared with God and our neighbors by moving to a space that we believe can better cultivate our intimacy with God and each other.

Cleaning Up Each Week?

  • We will seek to have a team of folks who help to set-up and clean up each week. Yet, it is our goal that with your help we will always leave the space better than when we received it. Will you help us with this? Thank you!


**Kids Ministry will start at 10AM, with parents dropping their kids off on the 2nd floor check-in upon arrival **

  • This floor can be accessed from the main lobby or via the garage elevator directly.

  • Kids will be brought in to a main class to start with big room fun (singing and games together), and then will break out in to the three main conference rooms for classes appropriate to their ages.

  • This floor provides increased security and amazing options for higher quality programming in sharing Jesus with our kids!

  • For now, we will continue to contact parents to take their kids to the bathroom during service (as needed).

  • Kids will then be picked up to join us for worship at the end of our gathering.

  • We will have private cubbie spaces in the gathering space and furniture in the lobby that will work as private space for nursing moms (as needed). Also, feel free to bring a child to the lobby if you want to console them during our gathering.

We will also continue to have youth ministry after our gathering each week that youth time is happening.

  • It will also occur on the 2nd floor, in a special gathering space just off the lobby elevator exit.


They are blessing and supporting our decision to move to the new space. Other important details include:

  • Lease-wise, we were month to month and will be paying through the end of March.

  • From April onward, we will pay for limited storage in the space thereafter. This will help with any items we can’t leave in the storage at the Collective but need to bring over each week.

  • 766 John St. will remain our church address for mailing purposes.

  • Band Rehearsals will continue to happen at Denny Park Lutheran on Thursday nights.

  • We will host occasional gatherings in Denny Park Lutheran when/if scheduling conflicts happen on Sunday mornings in the new space. We may also host special occasion events at Denny Lutheran (events like Good Friday), that would conflict with the Collective’s normally scheduled programming.

  • We will finish well at DPLC! We will interact with gratitude and honoring their generosity to us. We will continue to cultivate the strong relationships we have built with them in to the future!



  • Be Here, Now (Pray, fast, and be present with God in the work Jesus is doing in our midst)

  • Sign up to Serve (new Volunteer Orientation lunch on Sunday, March 10th at 1PM)

  • Give generously, over and above your giving already

  • Go ahead and get the word out!

    • Please invite friends!

    • Please share the good news and our gatherings via your social media channels.