Week 8 of the JPC Project:

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Sunday Scripture: 

1 John 3:16-18

Go Deeper Passages: 

Matthew 20:17-28, Philippians 2:3-5, Galatians 5:13, Luke 10:30-37, John 13:12-17


  • Where is God calling you to serve? In what ways do you come to be served, instead of coming to serve others like Christ?

  • What part of your life is God inviting you to lay your life down, that other's may have it? Your family-life? Friendships? Work? Neighboring?

  • How do you make excuses that keep you from loving and serving your neighbors? Where is God convicting you of the opportunity you have to find life by giving it?

Weekly Practice:

  • Jesus: Serve Christ. Don't hesitate to lay down your power, control, burdens, struggles, and successes to trust your life over to God. Pray and ask The Holy Spirit for help in doing so. 

  • People: Invite some trusted friends to help you see where your life is self-centered and not servant-hearted. Ask someone to join you in serving others in our community in a way that meets tangible needs.

  • City: Ask God to help you love your neighbors and enemies with a servant's heart. Cast off fears that keep the needs of others distant from you. Serve because Christ first served you!

Please share what you experienced going through this weekly practice/how God is moving in your life by emailing us at