Hoist Your Sail: Week 7

Hoist your Sail # 7

Ezekiel came home last week from school upset.  He told us that a guest speaker had come to his school to talk about identity.  The message was “you do you”.  Ezekiel said he got so upset that he had to leave the room twice. He identified this message as a worldview but not a biblical world view.  He said,

“Mom, I know who I am.  I’m a child of God and a servant of King Jesus.”

When your kids encounter this world view, do they know who they are? When you encounter this world view, do you know who you are? Only God can give you your identity. He made you. Ask him who you are and encourage your kids to ask the same question. Discuss it with them this week. Ask the Holy Spirit where He is moving in the life of your kids and join Him there. 

Last week: Your kids heard the story of Paul’s First Journey found in Acts 13:1-3 and 14:8-28.

Big Picture Question: How do people hear about Jesus?

Answer: The Holy Spirit uses Christians to tell others about Jesus so they may repent and be saved.

Read ahead: The Church in Jerusalem encouraged Gentile believers from Acts 15:1-35. 

Key Message: “Christ Alone”

- Deborah Rowe, Director of Families on Mission

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