Hoist Your Sail: Week 6

A little boy from A Seattle Church wrote on his prayer journal last week,

“God will you let me hear Your voice so I can know who You say I am?”

Read that again!  Let that sink in. What an insightful prayer. When you know whose you are, you know who you are.  
Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you who He is and then who He says you are?
Then ask your kids, “Who does God say you are?”  If they don’t know, lead them to ask God.  If you don’t know what to say, ask the Holy Spirit to give you words to speak to your kids.  I walked my kids through this exercise as we were driving to school this morning.  It was exciting to watch God work in their hearts and lives and listen to their answers.  

Last Sunday your kids heard the story of Paul’s conversion and baptism from Acts 9:1-25.  

We are learning a big picture question: “How do people hear about Jesus?”

Answer: “The Holy Spirit uses Christians to tell others about Jesus.”

Look ahead: On 2/18, your kids will hear the story of Paul’s first journey from Acts 13: 1-3; 14:8-28. Please read this story with them this week to prepare their hearts for what will happen on Sunday.  Many of your kids are getting in the habit of reading their Bibles during the week. Please find ways to encourage that discipline!  See you Sunday!

- Deborah Rowe, Director of Families on Mission

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