Hoist Your Sail: Week 2

Hoist your sail: Week 2

One day, my son Ezekiel asked why the leaves on the trees move.  I explained to him about the wind. “But you can’t see the wind”, he said.  I explained to him that while you cannot see the wind you can see and feel the effects of the wind. The same is true of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is moving in your life and the lives of your kids.  Each week in this blog, I will encourage you to ask the Spirit what God is doing in your life and the lives of your kids.  My prayer is that you will stop, listen and look long enough to see the movement of the wind and join Him in what He is doing. You don’t have to work harder. You just have to hoist up your sail and allow Him to be your power. 

In A Seattle Church Kids:

Last week: Your kids heard the Bible story of Peter healing a beggar from Acts 3:1-10 and 4:5-31.
Your kids learned the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives inside every believer-and He can do some pretty incredible things through us as we follow Jesus.  The Elementary ages were given a chance to experience this by preforming an act of kindness.  They prayed and asked God to speak through them, then they wrote letters and painted a rock to show God’s love to someone they have not met or someone God placed on their heart.

Looking Ahead: January 21st - The kids will hear Stephen's address in Acts 6:8-7:60.

- Deborah Rowe, Director of Families on Mission

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