Year-End Giving Opportunities at A Seattle Church

What a year 2017 has been!

We've been overwhelmed by the abounding love of Jesus. We are seeing people from all walks of life begin relationships with Jesus, get baptized, grow in faith, and serve our city with love. 

Will you join us on this journey?

We need your help. Planting a church in a fast-paced, urban, and unchurched city like Seattle can be very expensive. Our rent has gone up significantly and many of our most consistently supportive families are moving outside the city to less expensive areas. We also have a more transient community and many new Christians, college students and young professionals. This has led to irregular giving patterns that affect our financial sustainability. Tens of thousands of people are streaming into our city and our heart is to reach them with the gospel, the good news of Jesus' love and grace for everyone

Check out these Specific Ways To Give for End of Year: 

General Donations: 

Everything we own and everything we have comes from God. So, when we give, we simply offer him a small portion of all the abundance he has already given to us. Giving is an expression of our thankfulness and praise to God. 

  1. Give online thru our website HERE

  2. Give through Venmo HERE (@ASeattle-Church)

  3. Give thru the A Seattle Church App HERE

  4. Give cash or Write a check and send it to "A Seattle Church" at 766 John St. 98109.

Matching Gifts Program: 

Does your company have an Employee Matching Gift Program? Employee Matching Gifts are donations a company makes to match its employees’ charitable contributions.

Donating Stock to Our Church: 

Ever considered giving appreciated stock you’ve held for more than a year? Doing so is better than giving cash. For more info about how, contact Amanda Armes HERE