The People Series: Tamara Trujillo

At A Seattle Church, we believe in community, we believe in people, and we believe in the power of sharing stories. This year we will be documenting stories from members of our community each month. We believe that by sharing their stories, others will be encouraged to pursue their callings, to love their neighbor, and to be a light to our city and the world. 

Tamara came to ASC this past October, and has been a light to our community as we continue to get to know her and walk through life together. A few weeks ago, she boldly shared her story with us. Born in Seoul, South Korea and abandoned on the streets to be found by Holt International Adoption Agency, Tamara was adopted by a family here in Washington. It seems she was born into a life marked by hardship, starting on the streets of Seoul and continuing as her life continued.

Growing up in a household surrounded by abusive relationships, experiencing numerous miscarriages, 2 failed marriages, domestic violence and a recent stroke; Tamara has been through more than most. And yet, when she walks in a room, you can’t help but feel the joy of the Lord permeating the space she is in. Tamara says that “can’t is not in [her] vocabulary because she can do all things through Christ who gives her strength.”

The last year has been a testament to the strength that God gives her. In her personal search for love, she nearly lost everything she had. A year ago, she followed the path to Hope Place where against all doubt and denial, she started a one-year recovery program to help her get on her feet after leaving a situation of domestic violence.

This year has been full of growth, learning, and perseverance. Going through counseling, learning to set boundaries and living in healthy relationships of accountability and grace. Things are looking up greatly for Tamara as she moves into housing this week and can finally live closer to her daughter, Chloe.

Tamara’s story is inspiring by the posture of gratitude and love that she has operated out of through it all. It is often so easy to feel alone, to feel isolated in broken places and fall into hopelessness; yet in faith and trust, Tamara pushed on, knowing fully that God was and is and always will be with her throughout her journey. This reassurance and hope is what she holds fast to through it all and that is a beautiful gift to experience alongside her.