The People Series: John Johnson

At A Seattle Church, we believe in community, we believe in people, and we believe in the power of sharing stories. This year we will be documenting stories from the lives of people in our church each month. We believe that by sharing their stories others will be encouraged to pursue their callings, to love their neighbor, and to be a light to our city and the world.

John Johnson, a Cleveland native, grew up in a single-parent home with his two sisters and brother. Not having a father in the picture, John always felt the need to be “the man” of the house and do everything well to the best of his abilities. John has always been full of drive and passion, seeking to make an impact on the world around him, but, until a few years ago it was for the wrong reasons.

With so much drive and passion, John found himself watching the global leadership summit and that was where things finally began to change for him. He had his first encounter with the Holy Spirit, finally allowing God to enter his life and change the direction of his steps moving forward.

Within the next two years John’s life definitely changed. God moved greatly and brought clarity, peace and understanding to him in a whole new way. Growing up without a father and with an older brother who went astray early on, he always felt the need to make up for that by trying to fill the voids he felt in his life.

While at a men’s retreat, John was struck by how many men were in the same place as him, fatherless and trying to make up for what they didn’t have in an earthly father. John shared:

“That same evening as I was on my knees praying, God spoke a sentence to me that has never been spoken to me before in my entire life. A sentence that lifted the weight of the world, off of me. A sentence that solidified my faith in accepting Jesus Christ as my father and savior. That evening he told me, ‘I’ve got this son.’”

John’s testimony is powerful and full of hope for so many people.  Against all odds, John has gotten to where he is today. God has guided and provided, and in his timing, brought John to our community this past fall. Since committing to Christ, John’s drive and determination to thrive has grown into a heart for communities, for people, and for helping leaders bring their people into places where they can thrive. We are so excited to have John as a key part of our church life. We see his love for people lived out in everything he does, and are excited to watch as he both grows in his faith and empowers others to grow in their giftings.