A Servant's Heart

This week’s feature person is Adedayo Samuel, or as we tend to refer to him, Dayo. He has been in Seattle for the last eight months and spent much of his time serving at church with us doing anything and everything we might ask or need of him.

Originally from Nigeria, he came to the United States for a master’s degree and then moved to Seattle to work at Amazon. Having seen Dayo dedicating time week after week to serving in all different capacities, I thought he deserved a little recognition for all his hard work (even if he didn’t ask for it).

I noticed that Dayo was consistently serving without complaint and was always willing to help more. When we started having church in the park, Dayo was constantly willing to help with new tasks that would come up. Seeing Dayo’s selflessness, I asked him what caused him to be interested in serving and he told me a story about the church experience he had during his freshman year of college. His church was run by students, and started at 6:30am, with set up starting at 4:30am. He had a change of heart when he first came to help with setting up and since then has had a huge heart for service.

“Since then, whenever I go to any church and see the chair I'm about to sit on, I think about the amount of work someone did to set that up for me so I could worship. I just couldn't sit on those chairs anymore knowing I could help and didn't do anything. So everywhere I go, I try to be of help, even if it's just to be told what to do (because we don't have to be experts to help. Most service jobs just need a helping hand). I do it all out of reverence for God and respect for the people that have done it before me, and those that still do it day in day out, week in week out.”

Dayo continuously shows up with enthusiasm and joy for serving, he sees opportunities to serve as opportunities to worship, both as an individual and as a collective whole.

“I like serving because it's a form of worship to my Maker and because He deserves it.”

Serving so often has introduced him to more people in the community, helping to form relationships with those around him. While he has only been a part of our church for eight months, he is a crucial part of our community and we are continuously blessed by the heart he has to serve and the encouragement he is to others who would be interested in joining. Dayo’s advice, “Service is more fun and easier on everyone when we have more manpower. If you're in a group of close friends, you could choose to serve together or on the same day. That way you're enjoying each other's company and serving at the same time.”


Thank you, Dayo, for sharing your story, your time, and your energy with us.