The Man Behind the Grill

During summer in the park, we have been consistently blessed by our friend Dallas, who realized a desire he had to share his incredible grilling abilities and be a blessing to our community.

To give credit where credit is due, summers in the park would not be the same without him, and food is just one of the reasons. 

What interested you in serving in this way by providing food for everyone? 

I personally believe that God wants to increase our church, not because we're anything great but because God wants to save people and to plug them into a body that is healthy and growing.

How has volunteering been helpful to you? 

I love volunteering because that is when you truly become part of the body.  A rightly guided body is Jesus at work through the different members.  We all know a body is made up of many pieces and you need even the hidden ones to function correctly.  Serving is when I feel most connected to the body.  That is when I truly experience Christian community.

What areas of service do you see as a need at ASC?

I think we truly need to focus on the less fortunate families directly in the surrounding area of ASC.  One thing I noticed by talking with my sister afterwards is that she enjoyed serving food to he people of the church, but she really enjoyed serving our less fortunate neighbors.  I think that is true of her and also true of everyone.  I believe God has placed us strategically right in the midst of the last of the low income housing in that part of the city.

Yesterday I was talking with my brother-in-law about setting up a Thanksgiving dinner in the church kitchen.  Just think of how many families in that community have never had a really happy Thanksgiving dinner.

We could create one that felt less like an event and more like you're coming into someone's home.  We could invite Christians and non-Christians to serve together. I'd love to have more non-Christians serve with us.

Other Thoughts?:

When people see us doing the work of Christ then they want to be a part of it.  There is a chemical reaction in our brain that is physical and measurable that when you serve and help people you feel better.  People in Seattle want to feel better.  Let's give them that opportunity to serve and love others. To show others what it looks like for the church to work in action.

I truly believe that God wants to do something amazing through A Seattle Church.  I believe that he is beginning to till the ground, using me to prepare the soil for sowing seeds.  But the tilling process in general can be hard work at times.  I see the harvest and I want to put in the hard work so when God pours out his Spirit we are ready.

That is what motivates me.

At the same time I can't do this alone, it takes a body, which is how God set it up. The church is God's body on earth to do God's work.

I am just here to do my part, to be my part of our church body. Will you join me?