Meet Deborah Rowe!

We are excited to welcome our new Director of Families on Mission, Deborah Rowe! To learn a little more about her family, and her vision for families at A Seattle Church, please see below:

Thank you for welcoming my family into your church family.  We are excited to be here! Brian and I met in TX in the church nursery when we were babies. We began dating as adults and now have been married for 12 years.  Ezekiel (10yrs), and Anika(7yrs) are excited to be serving together along side you at A Seattle Church. God called me to Himself at the young age of 3 and I began actively serving in the church at age 12.  I have had the privilege of serving Him in kids and family ministry for over 25 years.  

Two years ago the Lord gave me the story of a sailboat. When there is no wind, it does not move, but when the wind is blowing it is wildly adventurous.  My vision for us at A Seattle Church is that we lift the sail far and wide. The sail is important but not as important as the wind. As parents, grandparents, and believers in Jesus, will you join me as we lift the sail far and wide to teach our kids, youth, and families to:

  1. Know and love Jesus
  2. Love the people in A Seattle Church
  3. Reach our city

Yours in Christ, 

- Deborah Rowe, Director of Families on Mission