Why Denny Park?

I was approached by the Superintendent of the City of Seattle Parks with a simple request,“Would you help lead us to bring new life to Seattle’s oldest park?”

What once was a treasured-jewel of the Parks system had become unused, and forgotten.  What the Superintendent was asking me was to activate it by bringing people into the park who are doing healthy activities in it.  There's much more to be said about what that has looked like over the last number of months, but when I approached him about having our church community spend some of our Sunday gatherings in the park, he lit up.

There are several reasons why gathering for a few weeks on Sunday's in the park is good:

  • The city of Seattle is asking us to do it!
  • It fits our ethos of serving our city by helping activate the park.
  • BBQ's ('nuff said!)
  • We get to practice the way of Jesus.  He did very little of his teaching inside the synagogues.  He walked around the towns, villages, along the shore, and stopped to teach and dialogue.  That's what we plan on doing.  Sharing the "Stories of Jesus" while also encouraging community dialogue to deepen our learning.
  • Music! I don't know many people who don't like music, but being able to fill the park with both worship and fun park jams will be welcome.

Looking forward to gathering with you all in Denny Park, at 11am this Sunday, June 25 to kick off our "Summer in the City" series. Bring a friend and something to throw on the grill!

- Tim Gaydos, Pastor of Mission