You + Me | A Series on Relationships

We are all looking for love. 

Our world is held together by relationships. We want and need each other. We isolate yet find that we cannot do this life alone. Our hearts are filled with longing to be truly cherished. We grasp for connection in dating, marriage, sex, parenting, singleness, friendship, inside ourselves, and with God. 

We ache for our wounds to be healed.

We are confused about why we can't make our bonds right. Loneliness, fear, brokenness, and anxiety run rampant. From second to second we vacillate between love and hate. Our wounds go deep and seem insurmountable. They leave us questioning if we are enough, if we are too much, and if their is even a point of risking closeness with God, one another, and our neighbors. If those who we hope will be there for us, will really come through. If their is a purpose to it all, and if their is more than just the hustle and bustle of work, transactional connections, and the coming and going we do in each other's hearts. If their truly is freedom to be found in our relationships.

This fall, our A Seattle Church community is going to explore "You + Me".

How we can be healthy in the “us” and “them” of our existence. The ties that bind everything in our world, our city, our marriages, our friendships, and our hearts. Who God is and who we are in relationship with Jesus and those He made to love. 

Whether you are thriving, hurting, or somewhere in between, we hope that you will find love and heal wounds with us. That you will come on this journey with us on Sundays at 11AM in the heart of the city. 

See you there!