Celebrating Diversity Through Living Life and Fiercely Loving Those God Put Before Us.

by Erin Morrow

You came where you were not welcome. You reared your ugly head while we were on our family vacation last week. You removed the ability for us to relax and simply enjoy carefree days. You stole joyful moments playing with our little son at the beach. We had moments of enjoyment there with him, but you took the abundance...you were the thief of the rest of them. You turned sunny breakfasts on the porch into TV filled ones without sweet conversation in the living room. You broke into our bedroom bringing burdened dispositions. You weighed us down, tethered us to our phones at times when we should have been gazing at each other. You ask me to wait for relief until I hear my husband unlock the door each time he comes home from being out of the house. You force us to teach our son things we never wanted to have to teach him, like not to run from police officers, to always be respectful to them, even if they are wrong, to always have his hands in clear view and to keep his wallet in clear view in the car so he won't have to reach into anything or under anything for it, to make friendly eye contact with store clerks when entering and exiting, to speak and dress in a particular way. You are a robber of light-heartedness. But, there will always be something so much bigger than you and your intrusions...so much stronger. Love. Love fosters dreams of hope and of a better tomorrow. Love wraps us in comfort and reconciliation and brings peace through troubled times. Love goes with us into those times and presses through them alongside us, reaching farther and running deeper than we could explain with words. Love shows us beautiful responses and will be what we teach our little son and any future children. Love can not be stolen. You may not rob us of what it continues to bring. In fact, some of the most beautiful displays of love step out of your ugly wake. Love will always create beauty from your rubble. We chose to raise our son with so much love through these times of tragedy. We chose to show him that Jesus died because of His love for him, and his white mommy, his brown daddy, and everyone else. We chose to live our lives embracing diversity.

So Cohen, that's why our closest friends who came to your first birthday party were Venezuelan, Vietnamese, American, African, and mixtures of all of those. That's why our pool party this week will be bi-lingual...English and Spanish. That's why we had white dinner guests over last night, and are taking dinner to and visiting an African-American family to celebrate their new baby this week. That's why you're future brother or sister will likely be adopted from the China - special needs program. That's why you have cousins that are Ethiopian, Indian, German/Irish/American, and African-American. That's why your Oma sings to you in German, and your aunt FaceTimes with you in Spanish. That's why your aunts and uncles and grandparents speak around 9 different languages between them. Thats why we will have hair products for every different kind of hair in our home. That's why we visit your family in N. Ireland and your family on a farm in rural, NC. We celebrate diversity through living our life fiercely loving those God put before us. And how colorful, unique, beautiful and praiseworthy He made us all.