The Internship for You...Yeah You!

In 2008, I began an internship at a church in urban Seattle and it changed my life. It was the perfect space for me to explore my growing heart for serving Jesus, people, the local church, and the city I love. It also helped me to better understand the spiritual gifts and strengths I had been given and how those could function in creating an environment where people could experience the love and grace of Jesus.  Along the way, I also got a lot of clarity about what I am not good at and don't want to spend my life doing. I gained invaluable experience for ministering both inside and outside of the church.  I tell people all the time that it was truly incredible to get a season where my job was to "be me, love Jesus, and help people."  I am not sure if I would be a pastor today without the encouragement, empowerment, and equipping this role gave me.  

Our A Seattle Church community is looking for interns to help in a variety of ways. Whether part-time or full-time, we believe that your gifts can help our community to function best as part of Christ's body, the church.  Doing so in our setting is exciting because we will work to combine your talents/gifts with the needs our community has.  Together, we will find a role for you to serve in that will be on the ground level of a community being loved, and living loved with our neighbors and city.  

Areas of potential leadership and service include:

  • Relational Care (encouraging friendship and discipleship inside/outside of our community)
  • Age-Group Ministry (kids, youth, college) 
  • Groups Leadership (partnering to provide spaces for community to gather across our city)
  • Event Coordination (retreats, special events, etc)
  • Outreach (Helping ASC to share the hope of Jesus with our neighbors)
  • Ministry Leadership (Sunday service planning, hospitality, production support) 
  • Creative, Artistic, and Tech Expression (using talents to create beauty at ASC and in Seattle)
  • Justice & Reconciliation (Building bridges to care for marginalized in our city and world) 
  • Administrative Support (working with team members on ministry logistics)
  • Teaching Support (studying and helping to resource the gospel being shared)
  • ______ Other ways of using your gifting to meet needs not yet identified in our community.

Our Interns will be provided with:

  • Trust and an integral role on our leadership team
  • Experiential learning in an area of servant-leadership
  • Discipleship from a leadership team member who will partner with you
  • A healthy community to:
    • experience Jesus' love and grace, while growing in your personal faith
    • try out your gifts, talents, and passions in ministry
    • take chances and risk, fail, and succeed in a place that encourages innovation and loving partnership
    • have a lot of fun on a creative, out-of-the-box team
    • discover a stronger sense of your vocational call in ministry
    • grow your resume & create relational connections for your professional life

We are looking to fill two classes of interns:

  • Summer Interns: Serving from June 1st - September 1st, 2016

  • Annual Interns;  Serving from September 1st. 2016 through June 15th, 2017  

Is this the right fit and opportunity for you?  

If so, please email with a note about your desire to help and an attached resume. If this opportunity is not for you, but you can think of someone who would be a great fit,please forward this link on to them and encourage them to contact us.

And if you aren't yet excited to apply, Here are some incredible testimonies of our intern's experiences:

Griffin Lamb:

Interning at A Seattle Church has been an immense blessing as it has led me deeper in my faith and shown me a glimpse of what genuine Christian community looks like. Now more than ever before, I feel equipped to serve Jesus in ways that align with my gifting and passions, running towards Jesus in ministry with others. 

Hannah Hislop:

Since moving to Seattle in September of 2014, I have felt like a sailboat caught in an endless ocean trying to find land, a dock and other boats to sail with. Through the past 6 months of interning with the A Seattle Church family, God has guided me to land, a cozy dock and many unique sailboats to continue to adventure alongside. I can't express the wild excitement and thankfulness I have for this community that has allowed me to enter in just as I am — fully vulnerable, questioning, confused, and unsure — and walked with me as Jesus has continued to transform my heart. I have been given ownership and opportunities to serve by leading children's worship, and caring for youth & volunteers. These things have challenged me, given me purpose, revealed to me more of God's heart, brought new friends into my life and allowed me to grow in a supportive and loving environment. I didn't expect this (ever), but being apart of the ASC Community has rooted and allowed me to call Seattle home. 

Connor Gardner:

I have learned so much of what it truly means to be a part of a church community through my internship at ASC. I have received so much wisdom and guidance from Tyler and other members of the community since joining last Fall, and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for the future of this church body. As an intern team we have laughed, prayed, questioned, and enjoyed life committed to one another, and I look forward to our intern meetings every week. God has worked in me and through me countless times through the opportunities and experiences that I have been able to have in this internship.


April Ralston:

I was quickly drawn to intern with the A Seattle Church community as I was blown away by their individual care and commitment to not only one another's needs and talents but also my own unique skills and needs. They were quick to trust in God's movement through my life and active to champion me while simultaneously providing me growth through experience with the inner workings of a church. I have been nurtured, cared for, challenged and loved so richly by this community time and time again. At the beginning of my journey I highly dreaded the idea of having to do an internship-I had no leads, no specific area of interest and no clear connections. However, once God placed A Seattle Church in my path He continued to prove His faithfulness and joy to me through the seasons that followed. I am so grateful and truly wouldn't have wanted to intern anywhere else! It just goes to show how well the Father knows His kids heart's--often better than we do! Cheers to a church that is quick to say Yes to God, quick to listen, yet is slow speak and truly slow to become angry. A Seattle Church has given such a rich meaning and practice to the heart of church and it is evident with their ability to be family to their interns. I will be leaving this process with an understanding of what it means to serve others as Jesus did (this, of course, was seen in overflow in this community and the extending lives that they touch). I also will leave having gained a greater recognition of who I am and the qualities needed to carry out my passions effectively in a larger church context. I would recommend this internship to anyone who desires to share their gifts in a setting that allows them to come alive, be loved fully and serve faithfully. 

Lauren Whitcomb:

I really loved seeing the leadership team handle different situations, wrestle with questions and identity, and be very purposeful in what happens on Sunday, throughout the week in groups, and being the best resource to the community as possible. That gave me a lot to think about in moving forward in church life as well as leadership in general....My favorite things about this experience have always been when the community is gathered and I get to see and experience the way in which people relate to one another and build friendships and worship with joy. I love the atmosphere which has been fostered, and it’s been incredible to be a part of it as an observer and leader."