Looking for a Kids Ministry Director at ASC

Do you love Seattle? Do you have a passion for sharing Jesus' love and grace with families?

We often have to pinch ourselves. We get to live and do ministry in the greatest city on the planet (maybe we're a little biased)!  The culture, mountains, water, coffee, food, music and people are some of the best anywhere. God has planted our community in the heart of the city and given us some incredible opportunities to love and serve families.

In Fact, Our Community Has A Huge Passion For Seeing God's Kingdom Come In The Lives Of Young People.

When talking about children in his midst, Jesus said: "the kingdom of God belongs to such as these". In Luke 18, he told his disciples to not hinder any of the children coming to him. He also encouraged us to look to kids as an example of what our faith is to be like. We don't take this opportunity likely as loving and serving kids is one of our biggest priorities and joys in our newly forming church community in urban Seattle.

We are hoping to find someone to provide vision and leadership to our kids ministry programming for kids from infancy through middle school. 

Perhaps This Is You, Or Someone You Know?:

  • Passionate about Jesus, kids, Seattle, and empowering families and volunteers in their service of one another and our neighbors.

  • Relationally gifted inside and outside of church contexts, who initiates with and empowers others.

  • Strong and decisive as a growing leader; who can manage and coordinate relational opportunities, logistics, and events, for both kids and families alike.

Here Is A Job Description For This Role. It Paints A Picture Of The Type Of Person We Hope Will Join Our Team In Ministry To Our Friends And Neighbors.


If you, or someone in your life might be interested in pursuing this great opportunity, please have them send their resume and contact information to tyler@aseattlechurch.com.

Likewise, if you would like to financially support the hiring of this role, we would be incredibly grateful for your support. You can do so HERE (please indicate "kids director" in "comments").