To-Dos & You: Pt 2

God imaged again. His love took on flesh once more. God came to us as a man. The person of Jesus who lived a perfect life, died a sinner’s death on a cross, rose as the first born of the resurrection, and now sits in heaven offering assurance of a future when He will return and fully restore us to our imago Dei. All we must do is follow Him. 

That’s how much God loves those made in His image. Daughters and sons. You and I. Even right now, Jesus is praying that we would live into God’s image, again.
That we would come back to Jesus, the one whose image we bear; that the image we see through a shattered mirror so dim and covered with residue would be restored. That God would re-imagine us. Re-create us. That we may have His image live fully in us, restored anew.  Like the lost boys to Robin William’s Peter Pan in the movie Hook, that we may look into that mirror and say “there you are”.

What does this have to do with your and my incessant fixation on our to-do lists?  Our pathological need to add and subtract ways to be “fruitful and multiply”?  Everything, really.

At the base level, our fixation comes from a lack of fascination. I believe we have forgotten who we are and how we were made. We live for the expectations, hopes, and approval of others when we were made to be loved unconditionally. We chase autonomous production because we don’t understand how we are produced. We try to work to compensate for God, to make sure our lives will be okay and we will be happy. We tell God we will get around to co-working with the King, once we get our lives together. We pursue output without the one who input our abilities, gifts, and skills to produce in the first place. We do for us, and not for Him and our neighbors. 

So what then do we do? What must I add to my to-do list, to do it right? How can we do this differently?


The King is waiting. Come to Him. The table is open. The garden belongs to God. Drink it’s ever-living water. Rest. Breath the fresh air. Observe its trees. Be curious about who God is. Put down the to-do list and turn to Him, the one who has called you to Himself. You can’t do it, but...

He’ll take it from here.