A Note from Anna! Our Youth Ministry Leader

Hi All,
Happy New Year! If you have a child or children that have aged out of children’s ministry and I’d like to invite them to be a part of ASC Youth.

We’ll officially be kicking things off on Sunday January 15!

Before I get into the specifics of that, I’ll back up a bit and give you a brief introduction.
My name is Anna Nicles and I’m currently in my second year at Seattle Pacific University as a theology major. I was born and raised outside of Los Angeles and lived there through the end of high school. After high school, I traveled for nine-months in partnership with a few different international missions organizations and then moved to Seattle last January to begin college. I started attending A Seattle Church last winter and began interning at ASC this past fall. I felt very warmly welcomed by the ASC community and knew right away that this was a church that I wanted to be a part of.
Last spring, I had the opportunity to help out with the youth on Sunday mornings a few weeks and I really enjoyed that time. I grew up regularly attending youth group and in the past few years have been involved in youth ministry in various capacities from leading small groups to working on staff at summer camps. I have been on the receiving and giving end of youth ministry and have developed a passion for it because of how formative it has been in my life and faith.

My preteen years were marked by an increasing knowledge of my deep human desire to be known and to belong. And for me, youth group was a space where I felt a sense of genuine belonging and where I learned of a God who knows me. I hope that ASC Youth can also be that to your kids. That it would be a place where we can have fun, establish friendships with one another, and learn what it looks like to pursue Jesus. 

So my hope and prayer for ASC Youth at this point is that it would simply be a space for exploration and growth designed specifically for the students. I don’t quite know exactly what that will look like because I don’t yet know your kids very well, but I am so excited at the opportunity!

You know your kids best and I would really love to hear from you about your hopes for the youth so that I can partner with the ministry you’ve already established in your homes. I look forward to getting to know you and your families and trust that Lord will work in really cool ways through ASC Youth!

-Anna Nicles, Youth Ministry Intern