Seattle: Top Place for Dating?

Recently, Seattle was rated one of the top places in the US to date and that was based on these statistics: (
Single men: 59%
Single women: 60%
Well-being score: 69.2
With Seattle having the 2nd highest rate of unmarrieds in the whole country it’s not a surprise that questions about dating, relationships and singleness are prevalent. However, in the past 10-15 years attitudes in our culture around dating have dramatically changed, co-habitation rates in Seattle are through the roof, online dating is a multi-billion dollar business, but there is some evidence that people aren’t happier because of these changes. (

What should dating look like? How do you date in a “Christian” way? How can I avoid stalkers? How can I keep from making a huge mistake with my life? These are all questions we field and we want to talk about.

Come gather with us this Sunday at 11am @ A Seattle Church for “You + Me."