Help us Plant Our Roots

"God, help us!"

As we explored the opportunity Jesus gave us to move into the heart of the city, this has been a steady refrain of prayer falling off our lips. We've asked God for this opportunity to open. It did. We've prayed for helpful hands. you've helped. We've prayed for financial providence, we've received support in unexpected ways.

This has been truly incredible to watch. Yet, This is also just the beginning.

We love following a God who says that "all things are possible in Him". To believe this is stretching at times. It invites us into a tension, a faith where we hope in what is unseen. A call to believe that what God is calling us to, he will equip us for.  

That is why we pray "help", and are asking for your help.

We realize we cannot see this dream come alive without you, without The Spirit, without each other. This is why we even care to move into a new location. That we may be a city on a hill together, shining light to our our neighbors, co-workers, families, and friends who are looking for hope in so many places. Working together to share the love and grace of God with everyone in this city we love! That all may hear that regardless of where we've been, what we're doing, or where we are going.. that Jesus loves us with His heart, soul, mind, and strength, and offers his grace to transform us from the inside out.

Will you help us share God's love and grace as we make this move by:

  • Praying with Us?
  • Serving with Us?

  • Giving with Us?


Will you make sure we are covered in prayer? We realize that like Jesus said about His relationship with the Father, "apart from God, we can do nothing". We don't take this lightly. We want God to transform us from the inside out so that we can know our hearts are in alignment with God's heart for us, and for Seattle. We forget to pray. We forget to ask God for help. That when we aren't going to God, he will graciously reveal Himself to us and keep us on track? That we will see God's heart for our city and only go where The Spirit's leading.  Thank You!

  • Stay up to date on the latest ways you can pray for our community on Facebook.


Will you get involved in helping this ministry to happen? We love being a part of a church community that believes that many hands make for light work. As 1 Peter encourages us, we want to be a "priesthood of all believers" who cares first for the family of faith. Who together with Jesus' one church in Seattle, partner that the world may know God by our love for one another. Sisters and brothers walking hand in hand into the beautiful ministry our great high priest has set before us. You can serve with us by:

  • Volunteering on a ministry team (kids ministry, hospitality, arts, production) HERE
  • Helping us with construction as we make alterations to our new building HERE
  • Hosting/Starting a group for new folks to experience friendship and discipleship HERE


Will you give generously to support God's work? God has been incredibly, abundantly, and over the top generous in our lives. Everyday, we receive Jesus' grace, mercy, forgiveness, and providence. Our needs continue to be met, abundantly. We want to respond by pursuing generosity as part of our life following Jesus. We hope to cultivate more and more generosity in our lives individually, as a community, and towards our city. We believe that doing so helps us to see our gifts, money, and possessions not as our own, and that God is our faith-building provider of all we have. That, every good and perfect gift comes from above. As we follow God's call downtown, our opportunity to serve him and others has grown, as have the costs of ministry as well. We are asking you, our community; to help us meet those needs as we try to faithfully pursue the call God is giving us together: You can do so in a few ways:

  • Give directly to our church community HERE

Thanks again! We have been so encouraged by your desire and willingness to help us make this transition well. We’ve also been moved by your passion to help get the great news out! Please keep spreading the word about the the amazing work God is up to! We desire to be transparent, accountable, and great stewards of the gift of your help. so please let us know if you have any questions about our efforts by emailing

We look forward to seeing you at our first service together in our new location on October 4th at 11AM.

With love and grace,

- The A Seattle Church team.