Planting Roots in the Heart of the City | A Seattle Church is Moving Downtown!

“We have examined the valley of the Duwamish and find it a fine country. There is plenty of room for one thousand settlers. Come at once.”
— David Denny, Seattle Founder

We Love Our City

Seattle is home. It’s our home. It’s our city. Our hearts at A Seattle Church remain steadfast, in boom or bust, for the people of this city. In the midst of unprecedented growth, Seattle is becoming more and more transient. We believe it’s more important than ever for our city to have stability, connectedness, and persevering love from its citizens—which is why we believe in planting deep roots in the city center. 

Moving Into The Heart Of Our City

We are beyond thrilled to announce that our new church plant is realizing its dream by moving into the heart of Seattle! Urban Seattle is an unbelievably difficult place to plant a church. It’s expensive, it’s landlocked, and space is at a premium. But an amazing door has opened for us to have our home at Denny Park Lutheran Church, which happens to be in the fastest-growing neighborhood in the nation, South Lake Union. 

For a church community that dearly loves its city, the historical significance of this is not lost on us. Denny Park happens to be the first park in the city of Seattle, and the surrounding land is where much of the first development of our city happened. This land was owned by Seattle founder, David Denny, who, when he settled Seattle, dreamed that this city could be a place where God was glorified and honored. In fact, when hearing of the news that A Seattle Church would be making its home at Denny Park Lutheran Church (which began in 1888), next to Denny Park, David Denny’s great-granddaughter wrote us a letter in which it said:

A people of strong Christian faith and heritage, the Denny party had felt moved to come and start a city in a place that the Lord would show them. They had hoped and believed that the new city of Seattle would be a “City on a Hill,” a city where the light of Christ could shine in all things. They spent all their lives to that end, building the foundations of their beautiful dream. I have been praying for Seattle for many, many years for the light of Christ to shine once again in this great city. I believe that “A Seattle Church” and Denny Park Lutheran will experience wonderful things in the years to come, and perhaps to help bring about the Denny’s beautiful dream. That Seattle will truly become a “Shining City on a Hill”.

Our Hope As We Plant Roots in The Heart of Seattle

She could not have encapsulated our heart more perfectly. Our prayer is that Seattle would be a city shining on a hill, meaning, it would be a place of love, hope, wholeness and flourishing.  We believe that whether you are new to our city or a native, like many of us, and have reservations about the booming growth, we are all searching for the same things: love, hope and worth. 

A Seattle Church is a community that believes those things are found in Jesus, and that Jesus is the one who offers us unconditional love and grace, and that it is for everyone. That is who we are. This is the core belief that launched our community a few short months ago, and it’s the belief that we carry with us to love and serve everyone in our city with respect and dignity. Which is why we are so excited to be in the heart of Seattle and be apart of seeing our city flourish.

Join Us October 4th In Our New Home

So, please join us for our Opening Sunday in Denny Park on October 4, 11am, at 766 John Street! We have a parking lot for families and visitors and please also plan on having your children enjoy our “A Seattle Church Kids” ministry with fun, and interactive activities for kids of all ages.