Summer Campout & Retreat Details

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Address & Map: 

1276 Engle Rd, Coupeville, Washington 98239


For Lodgers


Ferry Schedule

The Details:

The lodging is Company Quarters J & H, as detailed on the map. When entering the Camp Casey, you’ll take the first driveway. If you drove past the big field you went to far. Follow the road to the last barrack or lodge on the left. Parking anywhere near the quarters is fine.

Please click here for a layout and info on Company Quarters J & H

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring bedding?

There are two twin beds in each room. Bring your own bedding for each bed. Earplugs are probably a good idea, too.

What about the bathrooms?

The bathrooms are shared (by gender) on the floor in each quarter. BRING A TOWEL and your usual toiletries. 

Where do I check-in?

TBD - We'll update you with info as soon as we have an answer!

What about food?

Breakfast in the Mess Hall is included for lodgers on Saturday and Sunday. The Mess Hall is open x-x. Sample delights from the buffet include: a hot entrée, breakfast meat, pastry, hot and cold cereals, fruit, assorted beverages and more. Grab a cup of coffee early in the Mess Hall, go for a run/hike/walk and then return to dine with the group. **Campers may dine, too.
Bring cash: $6/adult; $3/kid.

Other meals and snacks are on your own, so organize a group of friends to hit up the local small-town restaurants in Coupeville. You could also dine at the Mess Hall, but it’s kind of expensive.

What about swimming? 

The pool is open on Friday and Saturday, 12-5pm. Entrance fee to the swimming pool is included in the lodging rate. Otherwise, it’s $3/head.

Will there be a campfire?

Yes, the group will gather for “fire time” each evening at 8pm. Bring your roasting sticks and  s’mores stuff to share. Wood will be provided.

What else should I bring?

There will be loads of free time to hike, play, and even nap! Bring your bikes, beach shovels, balls (soccer, volleyball, etc.) and anything else you like to do! Camping chairs are also great for hanging out at the beach or watching the kids play in the big field.

For Campers 


Ferry Schedule

The Details:

The campsite are on the backside of SPU Camp Casey (Not Fort Casey). Pass the main office on the left > take the next driveway on the left and follow the driveway into the woods (you’ll see victorian style houses) > there’s a well marked gate that will be open > Follow the dirt road. If you go to far you’ll pop out by the ocean near the Admiral’s house


We can only have 2-3 cars in the camping area. Everyone else will need to park near the office, as detailed on the map.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?

  • A Tent
  • Sleeping Stuff
  • Cooler & Food
  • Cooking Stuff (briquettes, dishes, utensils, etc.)
  • Camping Chairs
  • Tarps at your discretion. 
  • A Towel & Toiletries. There are hot showers and clean bathrooms! 
  • Games, Musical Talent & Righteous Campfire Stories

What should I not bring?

  • Firewood. We will provide enough for everyone. 
  • Weapons. It’s technically a college campus so no guns.
  • Pets. They typically do not allow pets because of barking and cleanup.
  • Whining. Punishable by polar bear plunge.

Is there a bathroom.

  • Yes! And hot showers! And you do not need quarters! It’s Free!

Is there electricity and water. 

  • Yes! Each campsite has potable water and an outlet.

Is alcohol permitted?

  • Yes, but please have discretion and use recycling we will provide. 

Is there a grocery store & a pharmacy near by?

  • Yes! In Coupeville. Only 10 Minutes north.

Can I bring a friend?

  • Abso-freakin-lutely

Where can I park? 

  • There are 2 parking spots in the camp. Everyone else MUST park by the offices near the main road

Can I bring a camper or RV or trailer.

  • There are hookups, however there may not be enough room depending on the number of campers. If you would like to bring your RV please email

What if I want to go but there’s something I’m worried about or gear I can’t buy in time. 

  • Email 

Tentative Schedule

(Disclaimer: Seattle Church Time varies by 30 - 180 minutes)

Friday, July 24th , 2015

2PM: Try to Catch Ferry Early to Avoid Long Lines!

3PM - 7PM: Arrive, Check-In, Get Settled, Eat Dinner. 

8PM - Closing: Watch Sunset & Campfire Time (In main campsite area or Group campfire on beach)

Saturday, July 25th, 2015

8 – 10AM:
Campers: Breakfast on your own
Lodgers: Breakfast on your own, (bring money for the mess hall if you plan on eating there)

11AM – 5PM: 
- Super awesome radical hang out activity time
- Swimming. Pool is open starting at 11:00am
- Hiking the bluff (10 minutes North of Camp Casey)
- Hiking the Fort / Bunkers & Scaring the garbage out of each other
- Driftwood mansion building
- Frisbee Golf
- Archery
- Kite Flying
- Soccer
- Coupville Maritime Museum
- Coupville Lunch & Ice Cream
- Pondering Navel
- Super massive total tubular sandcastle extravaganza 

6PM: Dinner on your own 

8PM: Campfire on the beach or in the campground

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

9 – 11AM
- Camp hosts make breakfast for campers! 
- Lodge breakfast. Bring $

- Worship Gathering on the beach in front of the Admirals House

NOON – 2PM: Clean up & Check Out