Freedom From Self-Absorbed Christianity

To me, it appears as if a large chunk of American Christianity is self-absorption. Especially when it revolves around “growing” in Jesus or what theologians would call ‘Sanctification.’ 

“How am I doing?” “Am I growing?” “Am I being fed?”

These are all self-focused questions that in Christian circles are constantly asked and debated. Christians can become discouraged when they believe that they aren’t growing and this will be an impetus to continue the self-focus.

I have lived this out, and encouraged others to live this out for far too long. My primary concerns for myself and others were; become a better Christian, do better, live radically for God, and all this did was focus me and others on our efforts rather than focus on God’s ridiculous grace in Jesus. 

The Scriptures are not about how we should live the Christian life.

The Scriptures are about a loving God who time and time and time again loves and pursues his kids, and ultimately pulls off the most amazing rescue, and brings us to a place of freedom in his grace. 

So, then, how does one grow? How do we become more intimate with Jesus and not be self-absorbed? Eugene Peterson once said: 

"discipleship is a process of paying more and more attention to God’s righteousness and less and less attention to our own."

We need to keep going back again and again in remembering that God’s grace was not needed just at conversion, but it’s needed every minute of every day, and it’s there for us to relish, rejoice and relax into. The same way we enter into the faith is the same way we grow. God’s grace in Jesus.