A Year-End Message From A Seattle Church

Friends & Family,

Months ago, God planted us smack dab, right in the middle of the the fastest-growing neighborhood in the fastest growing city in the country. In the heart of the city we love. Seattle is in a historic boom at this very moment. We believe this is not an accident and that God has an incredible purpose for us being a faithful presence in such a time as this. We praise Jesus for giving us an incredible vision to be a life-giving community for our neighbors. God has given us eyes to see and ears to hear what He's doing in our city. From the powerful to the powerless, God is sharing His love and grace with us and through us. We have already seen radical transformation happen in and through our A Seattle Church community! We are blown away by all the incredible ministry God has done in the places he's given us a passion for. We are giving all we've got to be a space where friendship leads to discipleship, the gospel is shared, and justice rolls down like streams of ever-living water.  We want to see wrongs righted by Jesus' grace, and to be a place where our fellow Seattleites can come fully alive in love for God and others! Will you help us?

You've gotta hear these stories of renewal!

Just in the last few months we've seen a professional won from Nordstrom meet Jesus, get baptized, and lead a service team each Sunday. We've seen a man whose been addicted to heroin and living on the streets, find a home, and get baptized. We've seen them gather together to serve our city by collecting 400 coats to give out alongside a hot meal for our homeless friends in Seattle! We've seen people find freedom from addiction, marriages restored from the pain of infidelity, and small group gatherings in homes throughout the city. From kids ministry, to college group, young people are engaging with God's hope. Our friends are finding grace, truth, hope, freedom, and peace. The Holy Spirit is on the move and we are excited to be along for this adventure!

But, the reality is we need your help.

Planting a church in a cosmopolitan, unchurched city like Seattle can be very expensive. Please partner with us. We'd love your support. ens of thousands of people are streaming into our city and our heart is to reach them with the gospel, the good news of Jesus' love and grace for everyone. 

We are trying to raise $125,000 for 2016. Here's a list of needs and expenses that your contribution can help meet:

  • Our Rent: $30,00 ($2,500 a month)
  • Staffing Support (including health insurance): $50,000 ($4,200 a month)
  • Production and Audio\Video Equipment: $30,000 ($2,500 a month)
  • Monthly Support Commitments: $15,000 ($1,200 a month)
  • Consider giving $30, $50, $100, $500, or $1000 a month?

Thank you also for partnering with us in prayer.

We trust in God’s abundance and believe in His ability to provide the resources that will empower our church to humbly love and serve those in our community and city—In Seattle as it is in Heaven. Thank you for your part in the life changing work Jesus is doing through A Seattle Church!

In His Love And Grace,

Tyler, Tim, and the A Seattle Church Team

To give a special year-end gift online: CLICK HERE, or send checks addressed to: "A Seattle Church": 766 John St. Seattle, WA 98109.