City Council Member Mike O'Brien on "Environment"

In our series “In Seattle As it is In Heaven” we are preaching on the 7 Values that the City of Seattle say create a healthy city. All 7 values are good values, and essentially, are kingdom values. We have these 7 values because our Creator God has created us in his image and likeness and at the heart of who God is, is a God who desires people and cities to flourish. Just as Jesus prayed, we want to see God’s kingdom come on Earth as it is in heaven, where people’s relationships and lives are restored and renewed. In light of this, we are thankful to have our city leaders come and share with us how these values intersect with our church community.

In part five of our In Seattle As It Is in Heaven Series, Seattle City Council member Mike O'Brien came to share with us this past Sunday. We looked at the shared Kingdom of God/Seattle values surrounding the "Environment" and discussed how we, as a new community in this city, can better participate.