Welcome to ASC Kids Blog

Hey Friends and Parents of ASC Kids!

Our hope is that through this blog we would be able to share stories and testimonies of what God is doing in Kids Ministry with you! I'm stoked to be serving you guys and the kids at ASC, and am constantly learning new ways of how to shepherd this group of little believers. It is my joy to serve God in this way. Something that's been on my heart recently as we've been praying as a team is that the kingdom of God truly does belong to these kids. 

But Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.’
— Matthew 19:14

The kingdom belongs to these kiddos. What a privilege it is to guide them into a place of kingdom living. Yes, children can be kingdom minded!

What does it look like for a child to be kingdom minded? Often I tell myself that I want to be more “kingdom minded” in my day to day. It’s funny because sometimes I learn so much more from these children than I do from my theology professors or mentors. Especially when it comes to prayer. Matthew 6 talks about praying in the secret place and not praying so that others may see you pray. Likewise, we are to “let our words be few.” (Ecclesiastes 5:2). Some of my favorite moments in kids ministry is when I’ll ask my class if someone wants to pray for our time, and they pray with such child-like faith it melts my heart. They pray concise prayers of thankfulness, not with lofty words that distract. I learn a lot about prayer from these kids. I think encouraging kids to pray and to use the gifts that God has given them is one way of guiding them into kingdom living.

I believe we can totally view the kingdom of God like children can. It just takes faith. My prayer for the parents of A Seattle Kids is to encourage your children to live into the gifts that God has given them. Parents, you have such a unique role in your child’s life, as I’m sure you’ve seen. They listen to you and want to do everything you do, how cool would it be for them to copy your kingdom minded living? Whether that’s through prayer, serving those around you, or simply blessing one another in your home with encouragement, we would have even more little warriors for Jesus running around kids ministry, and that is something that excites me. Jesus said that the kingdom belongs to these little ones... I think we have so much to constantly be learning from them.

Thanks for checking out this blog post, I'm super excited to continue to get to share with you the ways that God is working in Kids Ministry!

- Allie Chandler