New Sermon Series | In Seattle As It Is In Heaven

What do Seattle’s values have to do with the Kingdom of God?

A few years back, the Seattle Foundation, led by former Seattle Mayor, Norm Rice, was commissioned by the city to reveal values that create a healthy city. 

They came up with 7 Values that create a healthy Seattle:

-    Education
-    Environment
-    Basic Needs
-    Neighborhoods and Communities
-    Health and Wellness
-    Economy
-    Arts and Culture

All of these values are good things.

In fact, they are values that are inherent in each of us because of our status as image bearers.  Every single person is created in the image and likeness of God (imago dei) and within us is a desire for human flourishing through friendship, creativity, taking care of our family and our neighbor. In a sense, they are kingdom values. 

The message of the Kingdom of God is that all wrongs will be made right, and human flourishing will be full and final. The brokenness and suffering of the world will be done away with and our King Jesus will fully reign with love and peace. 

Scripture teaches that the kingdom of God is coming but is also arriving through the inauguration of the church in the world. The church was birthed, not to be a new social club, but to live out the message of the kingdom for a dying, hurting, and confused world. :

Our belief and hope is that as a community living in Seattle, that the love of Jesus and his kingdom message would emanate into our own marrow, transforming us, and, in turn, moving us towards seeing the kingdom come in Seattle, as it is in heaven.

This means knowing what our city values, and how to connect it’s values to all of our desires for wholeness. It also means knowing how to love our city best, hurting with it when she hurts and embodying the message of hope and transformation. 

So, let’s love, learn, be humble, be changed, and most of all, understand, ultimately, Jesus is the reason, the foundation, the cornerstone for our lives, our society, our families and our city.