We want to experience love and grace of God as a community, so that we can invite others into a community where they can do so too.

Learning to follow Jesus together can be complicated and yet we are seeing incredible signs of his love made manifest in this community and hope you will experience them for yourself along with us.

By definition, an experience is "the process of doing and seeing things and of having things happen to you."

What does an experience require? First, it must first be present to the point that it meets us right where we are, so much so that we feel and have it in our hearts. Secondly, it must be authentic to the point that it makes sense and we can see that it is true in our heads. Thirdly, it must be tangible and invite us to do and feel it with our very own hands. Let us explain this experience in 3 ways:

Hearts (having): 

Every week, new people have been coming to gather together with the families who are a part of the ever-forming A Seattle Church community. In so, we have been working hard to provide a space where people feel the warmth of others who genuinely care that they are there. It is our heart that you know that people aren't numbers, program participants, volunteers, or ATM machines. Instead, we believe people who come in the doors are an opportunity for us and them to experience God's love and grace.

As a community, we want to get to know your stories and to encourage you that your story matters at a heart level; to Jesus, to others, and to us. We believe that Jesus demonstrated his great love for us when he got to the heart of our relationship with him at the sermon on the mount, and when he told us that "the heart is the wellspring of life". We want anyone who participates with the A Seattle Church community to never thirst again because they encounter the Living water of Jesus' love and saving grace for them, and for them to share that cup of water with each other and the outside world. This is an experience that revolutionizes our lives on a heart level and frees us to love God and love others.

Heads (seeing):

If you are anything like us, you may walk into a community and immediately have questions. Thank You! That sounds quite healthy that you would wonder if something is what it says it is. In fact, God invites us to have such a spirit of curious discernment. In Proverbs 8:11, God talks about his wisdom, instruction, and knowledge being manifest in prudence and discretion that is more worthwhile than previous gold and silver. Like a previous metal, it is important for us to welcome people into a community that has integrity, authenticity, and makes sense in light of who Jesus is.

As a community centered on Jesus' love and grace, it is our heart that you find that very thing when you come and visit. We desire to be a people who manifest God's genuine care in a way that is not only experienced emotionally, but cognitively. Our values must match our heart, and we hope that you come away with a deeper knowledge of God's love and grace as a result of being in relationship with those you encounter from our community. Thanks for your help in making sense of the love and grace God is offering to us in Jesus. We hope you leave your time with our community with a deeper knowledge of God's abundant wisdom, mercy, and truth.

Hands (doing):

Jesus' brother James is famous for the quote: "Grace without works is dead". He was totally right. As a community of people we do not merely want to be hearers of the good news of God's love and grace, but we desire to be doers of it as well. Out of the intimacy we find in being branches attached to the vine (Jesus), we desire to be a community that exists in both word and deed. Likewise, we know that apart from God we can do nothing. We hope that as you come to visit, you will find a community of people who have come not to be served, but to serve you. As a community we have a deep sense of having freely received Jesus' saving love and grace in our own lives, and as such want to freely give it to others.

We also want to serve those who are marginalized, and to give generously to those have less than us or who may be hurting in our city. With compassion, Jesus drew closest to "the least of these" and in humility we want to help Him mend broken hearts in any way we can. As a community we have a deep sense of having freely received Jesus' saving love and grace in our own lives, and as such want to freely give it to others.

Let us close with this story from our community: 

A friend arrived to A Seattle Church after a long search for a community that didn't just offer him all the right answers (head) or actions (hands), but engaged him with Jesus' love and grace in his soul (heart). This person expressed that they felt at home in our church community because they were free to care about God with the whole of their being by caring deeply, agreeing with the truth shared about Jesus, and by serving others in Seattle. They have built new friendships and are loving the ways they are growing in their relationship with Jesus as well.

In other words, we want to be a part of a community where we will be loved and live loved, and hope you will too. It is our prayer that wherever you most experience God, whether it is in your head, heart, or hands - A Seattle Church will be a community that provides you with a place to encounter his love and grace. It is our hope that out of that encounter, you will be freed to offer the same place to whoever else may come along for this journey. We pray that as a community, we may be a home that welcomes those into our journey to follow Jesus, and loves others well along the way.

This is the experience of grace, truth, and love we want to feel, know, and touch.