Be Loved, Live Loved | A New Sermon Series

Starting this Sunday, we are pleased to introduce to you a new sermon series, “Be Loved, Live Loved.” Over the next two months, leading up to our launch celebration on January 18, 2015 we will be taking the opportunity in our gathering, through this series, to specifically dive into the heartbeat of our community.

Coldplay’s new album has a track called “True Love”. Chris Martin achingly sings in this song:

“Tell me you love me, but if you don’t, then lie to me”

How achingly true for us. We simply want to be loved. We definitely don’t want to know if someone doesn’t. We’d rather have them lie or leave. At the core of our essence is the desire to be loved. But we have a hard time believing we are loved and simply sitting in the love of God. It’s much easier for us to be active and not learn how to be loved into the core of our being.

We believe that God at his  essence is a loving God who desperately wants his love to sink into the recesses of our heart so we can know and sit in his love. When we begin to get this, it simply melts our hearts. We’ve never received true love like this before and it moves our souls into a place of just wanting to not only love God in return, but live love out to our friends, neighbors and city around us. As Valjean and Fantine sung in Les Miserables, “To love another person is to see the face of God.”

During “Be Loved, Live Loved” we will be exploring and asking some questions. What is God’s love? What is God’s grace? What does A Seattle Church value? How are we called to live this out? We will be teaching on the DNA pieces of our community, so, if you know someone, or if you yourself, have been curious about what “A Seattle Church” is all about, the next two months will be a great opportunity to learn about ASC.