Kids Ministry Curriculum & Family Talk

Eric and Julie Abel share about our new kids ministry curriculum & some helpful thoughts for having a family time.

As we continue to put some needed structure to our Kid’s Ministry, we want to come along side you as parents to make a difference in the lives of your little ones. That’s why we’re pleased to share that we’ll be using The Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum on Sunday mornings. Based on material from Tim Keller, this resource includes coloring handouts, activities, memory verses and more. At the core of this program is a simple Bible storybook which our teaching volunteers will read aloud on Sunday mornings. What’s great about this resource is that the simple stories are well written and include the thread of Christ throughout the new and old testament.

When our kids were little, we had twice weekly family times where we read from the Bible using something similar to The Jesus Bible Storybook. Those family meetings were greatly beneficial for keeping our family focused on the important things in life. For just 15 minutes we’d require the kids to sit still on the sofa, listen-up and interact on few important topics (holding the tiny ones on our laps). Below are the three areas we covered.


We would read a brief Bible story and add additional age appropriate thoughts, sometimes reading from the big Bible and reinforce character traits where we could. 

If you’re interested in doing something like this with your family you can get your own copy of The Jesus Story Bible book on Amazon. Another favorite resource we used to help build great character in our kids was A Child’s Book of Character Building. Sometimes we’d read a page from this as well.


You’ve heard the phrase “the family that prays together stays together”—that was a mantra we had while our kids were growing up. During our family times, each person praying for the person to their right helped ensure good sibling relationships as we went around the room praying for needs of our family and community. 


Another thing we’d do at these gatherings is a review of our weekly family calendar including birthday parties, doctor appointments, service projects, upcoming activities, etc. This helped each member of the family prep and look forward to upcoming events.

Every family dynamic is different but you may want to consider working-in a weekly or bi-weekly family time to your busy schedule. If you ever have any questions about parenting, or the Kid’s Ministry, we’re here to help.

We’re enjoying working with your children on Sunday mornings and grateful for those that are stepping up to volunteer to help make our Kid’s Ministry a fun, safe and growing place for your children. 

Eric & Julie Abel

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