Why "Neighborhood Communities"?

On Sunday we got the chance to see a beautiful picture of the many ways that people are doing life together in our newly-forming A Seattle Church community. A person representing each of the neighborhood groups shared about their experience and the ways we can grow in friendship with Jesus and one another. In case you missed it, here is a picture of them sharing about their experiences.

The folks that shared were group hosts, leaders, and participants. They all are folks who serve Jesus and others. Each week they do so by coming together with other folks from our community and folks who are exploring our community to encourage and be encouraged. They take a risk in pursuing community and making time to be loved and live loved alongside others. Their neighborhood groups meet each week and do everything from bible study, to sharing meals, to praying for one another. Sometimes they go and serve at places like the Emergency Family Shelter in Belltown, other times they spontaneously jump in the lake, and throughout it all they share each other's burdens, laugh a lot, and seek to pursue Jesus and friendship with one another. 

Jesus tells us in Matthew 18 that "where two or three gather together in His name, there He is with" us. This declaration is a cap to Jesus' teaching on what it looks like to be in conflict, and to share burdens with one another to the end that folks will be restored through the support of community. He also tells us that "whatever we agree about and ask for, it will be done by our father in heaven".  What a powerful statement, and picture of the beauty of community in helping us to discern and understand the will of our father. Together, we can find agreement in Jesus grow as His disciples, and form deep bonds of friendship centered in Him. 

At the base level of all of these gatherings is an opportunity for us to walk together as friends seeking to be disciples of Jesus.  No matter where we are coming from, what we are struggling with, or the burdens we care Jesus is glorified when we seek Him together. His love and grace is magnified when we try to discover how to be His disciples alongside one another. His joy is made complete when we come together with open hands and open hearts in hopes that our eyes will open and we will see and love Him on a deeper level than ever before.

If you are interested in being a part of any of these groups please click HERE to get more info about where folks are gathering and what you can expect. 

Likewise, if you are interested in leading, co-leading, or hosting a group please email Tyler Gorsline (tylergorsline@gmail.com) for more info about what it looks like to do so.