Be Loved, Live Loved.

College Group | Tuesdays @ 6pm


Leaders: Blake + Khrisa Marés

This group is going to be a lot of fun and will have a consistent rhythm from week-to-week. We will come together for a potluck dinner and hang out for the 1st half of our group. After everyone's done eating, we will set aside some time to pray for one another and to open the Scriptures to look at either a story from Jesus' life, a story Jesus told, or a description of Him in another part of God's word. Each week we ask the questions: "what does this tell us about who Jesus is, and what does this tell us about who we are?" This group is an open door so we hope you will come hang with us on a Wednesday night soon! 

Address:  "Falcon's Nest" Upstairs | 3414 3rd Ave W Seattle, WA 98119