21 Days of prayer and fasting

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From October 1-21 we are fasting and praying together to prepare our hearts for what God will do in our church, city, and world.

We are hoping to see Jesus Kingdom come in Seattle as it is in Heaven. Each day we will have a focus to our prayers. We are inviting folks to sign up to take one of the 21 days or to pray along with us for the whole journey. If you’ve never fasted before, the concept is simple. We invite you to take a meal or day of meals in the next 21 days, and instead of consuming physical sustenance, to turn to God in prayer and ask Jesus to be your greatest longing. To take your hunger and let it draw you closer to God.

Every Tuesday from Noon-1230 we will be praying together as a church and online via Facebook and Instagram live. Would you join us? We believe we will see our hearts and world transformed as we pray and fast together. Don’t miss the chance to experience God’s love and grace for you, our church, and our neighbors.

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